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 How To Get Recruited to Play College Basketball
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We at believe that it is not up to the players high school coach to get a player from high school into a college, university or whatever the next level may be.  Even though many coaches do assist players as much as possible in making calls and sending out tapes.  I can't image a high school coach doing all the work for a player and the player does nothing. 

This tool is also design to cut down on the time and effort of completing these task!  Furthermore, it can be done by anyone interested in helping a player get to the Next Level...including the player, the parents, even the high school audio/video department.

All it takes is 3 easy steps!
1. Create the video footage.
2. Upload and display the players videos, stats, etc. at
3. Send out player information.

Create the video footage: If someone from the high school coach's staff doesn't tape their games. There is always someone video taping the game and many of us have a camcorder or know of someone who does.  So getting the video footage should be pretty easy. 

Of course, every computer built these days is equipped with today's latest technology in audio & video capabilities.  So with a few clicks you can upload the video footage to your computer.

Upload and display the players videos, stats, etc.: only intent is to create a video viewing environment accompanied with up-to-date player information. So by following a few easy steps you will be ready to showcase your skills.

Send out player information:
Say a player has selected 15 college or universities he or she is interested in playing for after high school.  How would you notify the coaching staff at each college or university about the players interest?  How easy would it be to send that coach or staff a pre-populated player profile email and the players link to game videos, stats, etc.  This gets the ball roll'in!

How much time and money would that save you?
If you are a high school basketball player you should give this information to your high school coach.  The cost benefit out weighs the effort it takes to manually maintain and complete these task.

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