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For step-by-step instructions on uploading video. Click Here.

How does the NextLevel101 website work?
Basically, we have taken advantage of free video web hosting sites that will allow you to embed video code on to another website.  This way we don't have to store large video files just the links and other information about the player.

How many videos can I upload?

As many as you want.  However, we only recommend uploading 4 - 6 quarters from at least 2 - 3 games.  

How much does it cost to use this website?
To set up a players or coach's account is FREE.  However, if you use the Coach's Connect feature and send a coach information. You must pay a 1-time $9.99 fee to see any coach's responses.

Is there a size limit maximum on the videos I can upload?
Depending on what Free upload service you use.  We suggest YouTube or GoogleVideo (2GB or 15min)

What if I have a file that size is more than maximum?
You can split the file in smaller files and upload.  FileSplitter (free program)!

How should I record the game?
When you are recording stop the camcorder on dead ball situations, timeouts and anything that is not consider live action.  No coach looking at a video file wants to watch a foul be called by an official, watch him/her walk to the scores table and describe to the scorekeeper what happen, then walk to position to start play again.  That's simple wasting too much time!

How do I figure out what the size of my video is?
Windows users should right click on the video file and select the "Properties" option.
Or, put the mouse pointer over the file icon and the intellisense will display the size.

What video file types can I upload?
The websites we recognize will allow you to upload the most standard formats. (ie, mpg, avi, etc.)

What is video file type?
If your video was "myvideo.avi", "avi" is the file type.

When will my video be available to see?
The review process is fairly quick.  However, any un-appropriate videos will be removed.

What type of footage should my video consist of?
Videos footage high school games and AAU footage, no staged or workout videos allowed.

How do I get on the main page as feature?
You can send us an email requesting to be added.  We random select individuals to appear on the feature.  Your email doesn't guarantee you will be featured.

How do I upload a new video, new picture or new stats?
You click the Add Video button on the Main Menu page to add a new video.  Your last video uploaded will be your current video.  Click the Update Video icon (button) to replace an existing video file. 

The new picture and new stats work the same just click the Add Picture or Add Video button.

To make changes click the picture update and stats update, they works the same way.

Refer to the legend at the bottom of the Main Menu screen of clarification.

Note, you should Update Stats periodically and don't delete the previous season's stats or clear out previous season's stats to do the current the year. Say your just getting started and you are a junior for example, if your freshmen and sophomore stats are available, you should input those stats as well.

What dimensions & size should my picture be?
Wallet Size photo no bigger than 240 x 350 pixels.

What should I do after I upload my video footage?
From the Players Main Menu click the Email/Forms button and follow those instructions on how to send a coach a Player Profile Email.

If you can't find the email address download,
edit and fill-out then print the NextLevel101 Forms:
Profile Form: This is the same information on the Add Player screen (Name, Height, ACT, etc.) 
Stats Form:  This is the same information on the Add Stats screen (Points Per Game, Free Throw %, etc.  This is also the form that you can give your coach after each game to file out to keep your stats online up-to-date. 
Letter Form: This is an example letter that you can send along with actual video footage.

Send this information to the coach.
Make sure the Letter is specific and correct.
Keep a contact list with coaches, staff members, address information, etc.
Keep track of when you sent the information, when you called, etc.
Send all material by certified mail.

Do I have to have video footage to use this site?
Yes.  Your player information will not be available until you upload video footage.  You always come back once you set-up the account.  Remember, a coach wants to see you play statistics alone won't cut it! 

Do we know of any good website about video help?

Do you have any tips on shooting (filming) video?
This is big subject.  Nevertheless, video of, here are some guidelines to follow when filming.
1.Cover at least half the court.
2.Don't just follow one player.
3.Try not to talk while recording.
4.Don't get caught up looking at the game and not keep the recorder on the action.
5.Stop recorder on non-action (i.e. timeouts, dead-ball, half-time, etc.)
6.Generally, most schools have a section where you can film.  I suggest getting closer to the action then that.  Maybe 5 or 6 bleachers up.

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